Whiteparrot is creating patterns and hand-printed textile accessories that you can color and use in everyday life: color-me pencil cases, pouches, tote bags, shoe bags, drawstring backpacks, tea towels, coloring fabric and some custom-made items. Motivated by a desire to rethink what those accessories should look like, our aim is to make these products more fun for you.

While coloring the items you can spend your time creatively, relax, contribute to the design and create something personal. And what is more: you can even do it with your kids or with the whole family! For example, each of you can color your own tea towel and you are going to have an amazing set designed by yourselves!

Color-me accessories resemble the coloring books,  but instead of paper we use fabric (cotton or line)n and instead of felt pens you can use textile markers, that can be made permanent by ironing over your drawing.

Whiteparrot's accessories are all made in Estonia, designed and produced by Liis Talvis, a graduate of Pallas University of Applied Sciences.

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